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Scroll to the top on Angular route change


By default Angular doesn't scroll to the top of the page when you're navigating to another page. Here is a quick tip how to implement scrolling.

Implement a scroll service

At first create a new service called ScrollTopService. On a server side (Angular Universal) we don't need this "hack" so it's limited only to a browser.

import { Injectable, Inject, PLATFORM_ID } from '@angular/core';
import { Router, NavigationEnd } from '@angular/router';
import { isPlatformBrowser } from '@angular/common';

export class ScrollTopService {

    @Inject(PLATFORM_ID) private platformId: Object,
    private router: Router
  ) {}

  setScrollTop() {
    if (isPlatformBrowser(this.platformId)) { NavigationEnd) => {
        window.scroll(0, 0);

Inject service into a component

Import the service into the component.

import { ScrollTopService } from '../your/path/scrolltop.service';

Then call the setScrollTop method on ngInit in your component to initialize scrolling.

ngOnInit() {

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