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Git commands reference

Published: 12/4/2021. Updated: 12/30/2021

This post is mainly a personal reference for Git CLI commands, which I use more or less frequently. This will be living documentation, that will be updated from time to time.

I mainly work with the command line. For merge conflicts, diffs, and patch selections I prefer VS Code's UI.

Clone and pull

Clone a project into a current directory

git clone <project url> .

Change the remote origin

git remote set-url <remote_name> <remote_url>
git remote -v

Or edit via .git/config file.

Pull and rebase after someone else force pushed into a branch

git pull origin <branch> --rebase

Set the committer identity


git config --global "Someone"
git config --global ""

Locally for a single repository

git config "Someone"
git config ""


Create a new branch and checkout the branch with a single command

git checkout -b <branch>

Deleting local and remote branches


git branch -d <branch> # To see if there are unmerged changes
git branch -D <branch>


git push origin --delete <branch>

Rename a local branch

git checkout <branch>
git branch -m <new-branch-name>

Rebase, amend, and cherry-picking

Select how many commits you want to rebase

git rebase -i HEAD~6

Force push rebased changes

git push origin <branch> --force

Stop for amending

Use the rebase command and mark wanted commits by "e", which means that when doing the rebase it will stop for amending.

git rebase -i HEAD~6
git commit --amend
git rebase --continue

Change the date of the last commit

git commit --amend --date="now"

Change the committer of the last commit

git commit --amend --author="Someone <>"

Cherry-pick a commit

git cherry-pick <commit-hash>

Stash changes and clean up the working directory

Stash changes (also untracked)

git stash -u

List all stashes

git stash list

Add a stash back to working directory

git stash apply stash@{1}


Show Git reflog with dates

git reflog --date=iso

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