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I'm a Full Stackish web developer with a strong passion for a beautiful and solid front end. I have mainly focused on front-end development, responsive web design, Content Management Systems, modern web frameworks, DevOps and back-end coding with PHP, Node.js and Java.

New blog


My new web development blog is here! My blog posts most likely will be front end oriented but you might find something related to back end coding and general development topics as well. Purpose of this blog is to share something I have learnt and help others to find solutions. I'm also going to use this blog as my personal notebook. Currently I have few topics on my mind and I'll try to keep posting actively.

About me

I have experience of web development for over ten years. I have worked in various projects in the position of Full Stack Developer most of the time. I'm currently working as a Senior User Interface Programmer at Ambientia. Feel free to check more on LinkedIn.

About blogging platform

Also this "blogging platform" will be a platform for never-ending technology experimenting where I can try and learn new things. Currently it's just plain old static HTML but my intention is to convert it to use Angular and Angular Universal. Front end uses Bootstrap v4 beta framework. Bootstrap is a little bit overkill for something this simple but again I wanted to experiment it's current state. Software stack might be something else someday.

Happy reading and keep checking my upcoming posts later!

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